The Educational Needs of Children with 22q Deletion (22qDel) Syndrome


  • Colin Reilly
  • Anne Lawlor


22qDel, 22q Deletion Syndrome, SEN, Special Educational Needs, Genetic Condition, Early Intervention, Mathematics


An increasing number of children with special educational needs have a known genetic cause for their difficulties. The genetic condition, 22q deletion syndrome (22qDel), has an associated profile of medical, cognitive and behavioural needs. Global cognitive functioning is below average and IQ scores straddle the boundary between borderline functioning and the mild range of intellectual disability. In academic areas, children with 22qDel tend to do better at word reading and spelling tasks compared with reading comprehension and mathematics. Children with 22qDel are at high risk of experiencing significant symptoms of ADHD. Symptoms of inattention and social skills difficulties are common in the syndrome. With regard to schoolbased supports there is a particular emphasis on the need for intensive early intervention in mathematics, strategies to support reading comprehension and strategies to support memory. Research suggests that there is both a lack of knowledge of the syndrome and a lack of recognition of the specific educational needs of affected children in educational settings.




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